Signs of Domestic Abuse

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Signs of Domestic Abuse pic
Signs of Domestic Abuse

As an experienced social worker, Marla Harding has worked with numerous families in crisis. Marla Harding has looked into potential cases of both abuse and neglect, and she understands how to help families get the assistance they need.

Identification of warning signs can be crucial in getting help to those who have experienced abuse. Helping professionals and loved ones can check for suspicious bruises, particularly those that look like they are a result of violent contact. One should be watchful for bruises that the person tries to hide with clothing or makeup, or that the person defends with ill-fitting excuses, such as clumsiness.

Abusers retain control by making the person feel completely dependent. This may manifest when the person on the receiving end of the abuse suddenly needs to ask permission to make plans outside of the home. The abuser may also remove his or her partner’s access to monetary resources or establish himself or herself as the maker of all decisions in the home.

Control may also be emotional. Abusers often insult or humiliate their partners as they attempt to make the recipient of abuse feel unworthy. The person being abused can eventually begin to believe these insults and show signs of lowered self-esteem. These signs, alone or in combination, could potentially prompt further investigation into a person’s situation.