BGCA’s Commitment to Military Children

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Boys and Girls Clubs of America pic
Boys and Girls Clubs of America

A social worker with a bachelor’s degree in sociology and English from California State University, East Bay, Marla Harding has worked for the State of Washington and Shelter, Inc., in California. Active in her local community, Marla Harding supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA).

Dedicated to providing a safe place for young people to grow and reach their full potential, BGCA offers a number of programs that reach out to children, including those in military families. Since 1991, the organization has partnered with the US Armed Forces to help the children of military personnel overcome the challenges of being part of a military family.

Each year, approximately 500 youth centers affiliated with BGCA offer children on military bases the same curriculum used at traditional BGCA clubs. The youth centers reach more than 460,000 youth on an annual basis.

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