Eating Where the Locals Eat in Seattle

PB Kitchen pic
PB Kitchen pic
PB Kitchen

A social worker, Marla Harding has served as an intake coordinator at Shelter Inc., where she qualified families for emergency assistance. In her free time, Marla Harding enjoys visiting local destinations, including Seattle, where she likes to experience the city’s varied cuisine, including its seafood.

Seattle is a major tourist destination, in large part because of its stellar seafood. However, many visitors eat at the more popular tourist-filled restaurants. Currently, the city is experiencing a major food renaissance spanning all cuisines. Those who want to eat Mexican where the locals eat should visit La Bendicion Tienda Mexicana, a restaurant famous for its tamales, with flavors like chicken in mole negro or pork in salsa verde. The best Indian food in the city is Chili’s, not to be confused with the major chain restaurant. Chili’s specializes in South Indian cuisine with dosas, crepe-like pancakes made of fermented rice and black lentil batter, best eaten with spicy stewed lamb and coconut chutney.

For Polish food, check out the PB Kitchen, which is a weekly dinner held at the Polish Home Association. Food is prepared by Polish women and one dollar gains you entrance and access to a Polish platter, including cabbage rolls, sausage, pierogi, and potatoes.