Social Worker Association member Marla Harding previously served as an intake coordinator for Shelter, Inc., in Martinez, California. To help individuals and families facing a housing crisis apply for and receive emergency assistance, she carried out interviews with clients and contacted their neighbors, employers, and other collateral sources to collect further background information. Marla Harding also submitted funding requests for housing aid with the proper institutions and referred clients with disabilities and other disadvantages to organizations equipped to meet their particular needs. 

Earlier in her career, Ms. Harding conducted child abuse and neglect investigations as a social worker for the State of Washington. Besides questioning children and associated parties, she attained qualification as a special witness on abuse and neglect matters and provided the courts with testimony and reports as well as supporting documentation from authoritative sources. Ms. Harding also helped individuals requiring economic assistance to receive vouchers for basic goods and directed clients with counseling needs to drug rehabilitation, parenting, and other support services.

At California State University, Hayward (now CSU-East Bay), Marla Harding received a bachelor’s degree in sociology with a minor in English. She enjoys Shakespearean theater, watching British films and television programs, attending concerts, bicycling, and baking desserts. When traveling, she takes the opportunity to dine out at restaurants that concentrate on cuisine specific to the local region.